Riftforge's technical lead has created a bot. No, it will not help you farm missions with its advanced AI.

And despite its name, KidBot, it will not take care of your kids, while you mindlessly farm missions with your advanced NI (natural intelligence).

It will, however, teach your kids to program games. How cool is that?
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Riftforge Online RPG Easterhino mount

Riftforge is pleased to announce the creation of the first super rare mount, imaginatively called the Super Rare Rhino by the Guardians (or colloquially known as the Easterhino).

The new mount’s special features include a vastly increased hearing range as well as the first fully operational camouflage suit, apart from the ones used by the elite assassins. The suit assumes the Easterhino is ridden anywhere pink or purple.

The only downside is that this new mount is still very temperamental, so additional training is required before one rides it to battle. To get a passing mark on the test, it needs to go a mile without breaking a single egg.

Remember to sign up below for early delivery of the first fully trained Easterhinos. Hopefuls estimate the Egg-Mile test will be passed within a year!

Note: Easterhinos first appeared on April 21, 2011 as a teaser unit to mark Easter. No actual Easterhino mounts exist yet but other special mounts in more subdued colors will be introduced soon.

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Bodybuilding: Riftforge online
Bodybuilding is now available!
(Race restrictions may apply)

Playtesting has confirmed something game designers have feared all along:

Traditional RPG professions like mining, blacksmithing, armorcrafting, etc. are often as repetitive and boring as a real job!

Effective immediately, all Riftforge professions are superseded by hobbies. If you have any questions about the implications for your particular profession, please refer to your Guildmaster. Read more »

A trailer for Riftforge has been in the works for a while.

Without further ado, here it is:

Note: if you have already seen Riftforge's Indiegogo campaign, you'll find similarities.

Guardian Commander
Guardian battalion commander

Next week you'll be seeing more variety in the Armory.

The upgrade section will feature two sets of new items:

Reputation: you will be able to purchase these if you meet certain reputation levels (House Sima).

Honor: you will be able to purchase these if you meet have enough Honor (PvP Arena) Read more »

Choose your enemies: Rhalley and Syrran

Happy New 2014!

Santa Claus was here!

Everyone who played around Christmas got either gold or mission packs as a present from Santa. Read more »