Bodybuilding: Riftforge online
Bodybuilding is now available!
(Race restrictions may apply)

Playtesting has confirmed something game designers have feared all along:

Traditional RPG professions like mining, blacksmithing, armorcrafting, etc. are often as repetitive and boring as a real job!

Effective immediately, all Riftforge professions are superseded by hobbies. If you have any questions about the implications for your particular profession, please refer to your Guildmaster. Read more »

Guardian Commander
Guardian battalion commander

Next week you'll be seeing more variety in the Armory.

The upgrade section will feature two sets of new items:

Reputation: you will be able to purchase these if you meet certain reputation levels (House Sima).

Honor: you will be able to purchase these if you meet have enough Honor (PvP Arena) Read more »

Choose your enemies: Rhalley and Syrran

Happy New 2014!

Santa Claus was here!

Everyone who played around Christmas got either gold or mission packs as a present from Santa. Read more »

Charger Commander
Commander Cruz
Charger battalion commander

We have just added a brand new campaign.

It's called "Inside the circus" and features 7 missions with "new" enemies.

Some of them, only a few have seen; others have NEVER be seen before.

Here's the premise:

The attack walruses overrun the southern flank of Riftforge's advance. They are supported by some nasty gladiators as sidekicks. Stop the attack and prevent encirclement! Read more »

Attack walrus: Goretusk
Attack walrus: Goretusk
Quick reaction force


New enemies: Caldarians unleash the beasts!

Since we already have Houses at level 30, we get question about max-level skills. Questions like these: "I have Lasso/Scorcher, what do I do with it?". Read more »

Unique Riftforge map
Unique Riftforge map:
Icecrest Bay (summer)


That's right!

We are ready to show you the Unlock page.

You can now purchase extra mission packs with real money via Paypal.

A single mission costs between 6 and 7 cents with these two amazing deals.

That's not all!

With either deal, you will also get a special Riftforge map as a free gift. Best of all, all money goes to the prize pool, i.e. it goes back to you! Read more »