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Nightblades: Riftforge online
Nightblades in broad daylight

The Templar network of agents allows them to recruit “local assets” and enroll them in their indoctrination program.

Rumors abound about a secret training track with a notoriously low survival rate that produces a handful of elite Black Ops operatives.


The Nightblade's captain was held in the Order’s dungeon for a month. He was charged with organizing his elite assassins into squads that were robbing small merchants at night. The charges were dropped after all three witnesses were found dead at first light.

Unlike the charges, the nickname stuck. As did the captain, who liked the Order’s dungeon so much, he moved his headquarters there. His assassins’ lair is now a sanctified place, ideal for Aguta worship. Read more »

Gutripper and Executioner: Online RPG
Gutripper (left) and Executioner (right)

The elite Assassins form a rigid order where secrecy, deception, and stealth are taken to the extreme and beyond.

The adverse weather conditions on Manirak allow these assassins to remain concealed until they are ready to strike. Often, the mark is “terminated with extreme prejudice” in mere seconds.

Not all elite assassins take pride in this deadly efficiency. Some are more image-conscious than others, so they insist on being referred to as “operatives”. As long as military planners make sure each operation contains plenty of blood and gore, the difference between assassins and operatives remains very, very subtle. Read more »