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Venetian Commander
High Commander Atrio
Operation "Sea lion"


Riftforge's playtest is over!

We are now LIVE and after a massive update, everything is running smoothly.

We have transferred and converted playtest experience points (XP) to the LIVE version.

In addition to a headstart in terms of experience, all playtesters get bonus gold as well.

While new players start with 10,000 gold, all playtesters get a bonus: between 10,000 and... 200,000 for the most active ones. Read more »

New missions and campaign

Riftforge is now gearing up for official launch!

With only a few weeks left to playtest, you have limited time to put a few levels between you and all the new guys that will be signing up.

That's right! We'll be transferring the combined XP earned throughout the playtest to the new version. Read more »