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Unique Riftforge map
Unique Riftforge map:
Icecrest Bay (summer)


That's right!

We are ready to show you the Unlock page.

You can now purchase extra mission packs with real money via Paypal.

A single mission costs between 6 and 7 cents with these two amazing deals.

That's not all!

With either deal, you will also get a special Riftforge map as a free gift. Best of all, all money goes to the prize pool, i.e. it goes back to you! Read more »

New missions and campaign

Riftforge is now gearing up for official launch!

With only a few weeks left to playtest, you have limited time to put a few levels between you and all the new guys that will be signing up.

That's right! We'll be transferring the combined XP earned throughout the playtest to the new version. Read more »

New Missions

Venetian Commander
High Commander Atrio
High House Sima


High House Sima has finally launched the Caldarian offensive!

The good news is you are no longer limited to patrols and skirmishes. Now you can beat Caldarians as many times and as often as you like.

The bad news? Caldarian heavy infantry are not that easy to beat!

The mission rewards are more than worth it. There are 14 missions to go through and each mission brings new loot including superior armor upgrades.

That is doubly true for uncommon and rare missions. With the latter, you are practically guaranteed to get excellent loot. Read more »

Charger Commander
Commander Cruz
Charger battalion commander

We are very excited about the first type of PvE missions: the patrol.

So what's a patrol mission?

Patrols allow you to earn gold and experience points while you sleep!

When you send a patrol out, this doesn't interfere with your regular gameplay. You can participate in any type of battle thanks to Riftforge's Rift.

More importantly, patrols help Riftforge Operations command to map out the frozen continent of Manirak and plan the upcoming Invasion of Icecrest. Read more »

Rift Isle: Online RPG game
Sea caves on Rift Isle

The defense of Rift Isle has put extra demands on Riftforge’s stretched forces.

From Mistral Isle in the west to Corsair Isle in the east, the Icecrest map has been dotted with skirmishes proving that rookie commanders and the recruits at their disposal are insufficiently trained to carry out even the simplest missions.

Riftforge military has been reformed and the council of the three branches (Guardians, Raiders, Rangers) has been superseded by a centralized operations command, abbreviated to ROCom. Read more »

Elite Templar Assassins: Riftforge onlineThe Order of Aguta’s Temple is an ancient organization indigenous to Manirak. Recently though, it was taken over by Riftforge. Even with new management, the Templars continue to look at the Sisterhood and the Guild as insolent upstarts.

From time immemorial, the Order has been taking care of the mortally wounded and terminally ill in an efficient, if not always a very humane manner.

Yet, the Templars’ primary focus remains thwarting the heretics. The most grievous affront to Aguta (meaning simply the Creator) is tempering with the natural world, whether in the form of creating constructs (organisms patched together from different creatures) or abominations (twisting the nature of a creature). Read more »