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Riftforge Online RPG Easterhino mount

Riftforge is pleased to announce the creation of the first super rare mount, imaginatively called the Super Rare Rhino by the Guardians (or colloquially known as the Easterhino).

The new mount’s special features include a vastly increased hearing range as well as the first fully operational camouflage suit, apart from the ones used by the elite assassins. The suit assumes the Easterhino is ridden anywhere pink or purple.

The only downside is that this new mount is still very temperamental, so additional training is required before one rides it to battle. To get a passing mark on the test, it needs to go a mile without breaking a single egg.

Remember to sign up below for early delivery of the first fully trained Easterhinos. Hopefuls estimate the Egg-Mile test will be passed within a year!

Note: Easterhinos first appeared on April 21, 2011 as a teaser unit to mark Easter. No actual Easterhino mounts exist yet but other special mounts in more subdued colors will be introduced soon.

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New Ranger artwork

Are you racing for launch?

You can now add an additional archetype. Or two!

It's up to you to choose the next addition to your House: Ranger, Raider, or Guardian.

Don't worry about the launch transfer as we'll combine the XP across all three archetypes.

Play whichever you like best! Read more »

New Sisterhood enemies

The operation versus Caldaria is picking up speed.

High House Sima has received much needed reinforcements from some of the other houses.

More importantly, the three Orders have also expressed their interest in Caldaria.

The Mercantile Guild in particular has sent envoys to the independent Entrussar villages in search of allies and merchandize.

Sisterhood stikes back

Both Rhalley and Syrran enemies place great emphasis on their female troopers. The Sisterhood are out there to prove no one outdoes them when it comes to cat fights.

Check out the new, beefed up version of the infamous Painkillers. Read more »

New enemies: Rhalley and Syrran

House Sima has done it again!

With the help of their patrons from House Oshiro, they've expanded the patrol grid, effectively doubling the number of patrol locations.

It is not like they had much of a choice. The Sima-led campaign invasion has been threatened on both flanks by new enemies.

The first reports about the new enemies came through on December 21. It's probably not a coincidence, since it's the Winter Solstice (and the shortest day of the year).

New enemies: Rhalley vs Syrran

At least for now, the new enemies doesn't appear to be coordinating attacks with the Caldarians. Read more »

Raider Commander
High House Oshiro
is giving away superior items

Another major update comes to Riftforge, turning it into a more traditional RPG: L-O-O-T!

Indeed, there have been new swords, bows, daggers and what not flying in every direction.

Why? Thanks to the new and improved patrols!

Before we cover the loot, let's look at what's new and improved about patrols (PvE).

Improved Patrols

  • Area Map - your patrol reveals portions of Caldaria, never explored before
  • New routes - troop's progresss is displayed as well as the encounter difficulty
  • Auto tuning - if you are defeated, the difficulty is automatically reduced by one
  • Smooth scaling - lower difficulty patrols when your level is low (level cap>
  • Easy pray - Caldarian HP and damage has been decreased dramatically
Captain Galheen :Online RPG
Captain Galheen, Ranger Training

Usually described as glass cannons, the Rangers sacrifice speed and armor protection for more firepower.

Being a Ranger requires a deep understanding of your enemies. Anticipating enemy movements allows you to set up deadly ambushes or saturate choke points with fire.

Ranger core unit skill

All Rangers are deadly marksmen who love nothing more than setting up a perfect ambush: one with plenty of enfilade or cross fire.

Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow

- Inflicts fire damage to a single enemy


- Increases rate of fire