Captain Galheen: Riftforge online
Captain Galheen, Ranger Training

Captain Tayyar Galheen (a.k.a. Al Jabr) is the oldest of the three captains. He distinguished himself early on as a marksman with his composite crossbow, so he was promoted to the Ranger's elite unit - the Bloodhounds.

When he received training in the art of explosives and sabotage, he was moved to lead the newly formed grenadier unit - Firesmiths. Based on his expert leadership, the unit quickly advanced the ranger's guerrilla tactics to a new height. In addition to mines and ambushes, they specialized in hurling explosive projectiles using super-heavy crossbows.

Captain Galheen is well known for his cunning tactics. He's never fond of frontal assaults, always on the lookout for an opportunity to use his superior tactical skills to set up traps and ambushes.

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Captain Galheen :Riftforge online
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