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What is the Riftforge (genre-wise)?
The Riftforge is a squad-level, tactical RPG. You’ll discover that the combat is a modern take on such classics as X-Com, Fallout, Jagged Alliance on the PC and the various Japanese tactical RPGs for consoles.

In terms of character progression, you’ll find many parallels to Blizzard’s Diablo and World of Warcraft. Of course, you’ll find out the Riftforge much less of a grind and more skill-oriented.

Why don’t I see a Mage class?!
Your inner Gandalf will not be disappointed. The mage is often described as a Nuker (ranged damage dealer), some even go so far as to call it a glass cannon (or a softie).

One good look at the Rangers and you’ll discover they play very much like a mage. It’s true they’re quite fragile in close quarters. You make up for it with the Rangers unique ability to engage the enemy from afar and destroy massed formations in one shot (AOE).

So back to Gandalf… The Riftforge is true to Tolkien’s vision of just a few powerful wizards. In more concrete terms, you cannot create an archmage as your starting commander but there will be characters of immense power that will join powerful players and guilds in their strife.

Help, I’ve played a Healer/Priest/Cleric all my life!
In most MMOs, healers are the most essential (support) class for groups of all sizes. You’ll find that ALL three Riftforge archetypes are essential, so no matter which one you choose you’ll never be sitting by the sideline.

Now the bad news: there is no healer archetype! You’ll be able to hire support troops that will accompany your commander in battle. Some of them fulfill the role of a healer, in case you need it for the particular mission. There will also be a way for you to enhance and specialize your battlefield medics.

Another reason you won’t find a healer commander in the Riftforge forces is historic. Just try to name a famous commander who fits the description of a healer! At the same time, there are numerous examples of generals who exemplify the three Riftforge archetypes. Genghis Khan would surely roll a Raider!


lets play

lets play

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we can play only on an I Phone?




Why make a game advertise and not make it open to play. It's a little pointless

it is not possible to play yet

the game itself is still private as the servers don't work properly yet and until they make it stable people with invites wont be able to play yet


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any 1 know how to play game or has it not started



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thats wha im lookin for


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