The Guardians reliance on heavy armor limit their mobility, so they are forced to compensate for this with discipline and focus. Months of drilling allow them to perform complex maneuvers under heavy enemy attacks.

Guardian commander skills

All round defense: Online RPG game

Your commander has two types of abilities. First, there are tactical skills that come as a result from months of relentless drilling. They affect multiple friendly units in a positive way.

Armored wedge: Online RPG game

Second, your commander has developed action skills that are quite unique. They can force the enemy into unfavorable position, cripple it, or affect seriously its ability to fight.

Guardian team skills

Power cleave: Online RPG game

Guardian teams incorporate strength training in their regimen. It enables them to wield a deadly two-handed weapon like a polearm or switch to a heavy shield for extra defense.

Hammer and anvil: Online RPG game

Chargers ride mounts so powerful that they dwarf surrounding soldiers, trampling everything in their path. Traditionally positioned at the wings, they smash the enemy's vulnerable flanks and finish off routed units.