The Guardians special resource is Fury. When a Guardian unit is hit in combat, Fury is increased. Receiving and blocking multiple hits builds Fury quickly. The points in the Fury pool will be consumed when "super-strikes" are executed (e.g. Cleave, Charge).

Battle phases

  • Preparation - the Guardian units form a wedge (one unit with shields in front, two support it at flanks). The cavalry is deployed at whichever wing is likely to be the enemy's weaker wing. Good commanders will protect their other flank with an obstacle (hill, rocks).
  • Initiation - enemy forces will focus their attacks on the wedge's tip, thus generating bonus Rage. (Ideally, the unit at the tip should be excellent at blocking hits).
  • Culmination - the heavy cavalry charges (utilizing accumulated Fury) and the shock breaks enemy formations. The Charge itself has generated additional Rage, which allows the wedge units to push forward and split the enemy force in two.
  • Conclusion - Eliminating the enemy forces by crushing them between the anvil (guardians) and the hammer (chargers). In cases of superior enemy numbers, an orderly withdrawal could be executed until the Fury pool is full again.