Shieldmaidens and Ironbreakers: Online RPG
Shieldmaiden (left) and Ironbreaker (right)


This group of women has never been seen carrying shields into battle. Never! One can only assume that their maidenhood is also a myth, although bringing up the matter has cost many a nose and ear.

When not busy taking care of their shields or maidenhood, they are weight lifting and fist fighting.


The Ironbreakers' name doesn't come from some feat of strength. Rather, it comes from their incredible stubbornness. Some would even say stupidity.

Legend has it that the drill sergeant actually broke his iron cattle prod when trying to straighten a shield wall formation.


A battalion of elite guardians were first assigned to the Guild as personal bodyguards. The Guild’s demanding training and indoctrination program has resulted in elite troops that combine feats of superhuman strength with an eye for what is valuable.

Famous for their “salvaging” skills, the Wreckers have been known to strip an enemy encampment down to a few worthless wooden posts in less than an hour. The Guild is more than happy to unload the loot for them, charging only a modest commission.

Juggernaut and Impaler: Online RPG
Juggernaut (left) and Impaler (right)


These elite cavalrymen have been recruited from the cart drivers of the Guardian baggage train. Although they have tried to forget about their humble beginnings, other soldiers are not letting them have an easy ride. The nickname has stuck and the Juggernauts are trying to put a positive spin on it by smashing everything in their path.


Notoriously inept at handling their extremely long lances, recruits joining the Impalers have suffered more than their fair share of accidents. In an effort to keep at least some of them alive, the drill sergeants have replaced the battle lances with wooden poles that break at the slightest impact. Yet, every week a few of them will manage to get self-impaled during a training charge.


These elite chargers are assigned to the Sisterhood to act as protectors. They are the Riftforge’s only real “knights in shining armor”. The adverse weather conditions on Manirak, however, have put quite a strain on keeping the metal armor in its immaculate condition.

The other elite troopers say that if the Silverlight spent any more time cleaning and polishing, they should be moved to the Sisterhood’s maid quarters.







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