Captain Dassim: Riftforge online
Captain Dassim, Guardian Training

Famous for their ability to withstand heavy punishment, Guardians form the backbone of the Riftforge special forces.

As a Guardian commander, you can expect the following special missions: recon in force, heavy strike and pursuit, securing a perimeter, convoys, and evacuations.

Read on to complete your briefing on Guardian skills and tactics, Guardian history, and Captain Dassim, in charge of Guardian training.

Guardian briefing

When you join the Guardians, your primary role is that of a "tank". The extensive combat training of the Guardian units allows you to manipulate enemies (taunt), block or counter attacks (defense), and of course, cut enemy formations in half (charge).

Each Guardian squadron under your command consists of up to six teams:

  • Guardian commander - a leader with unique tactical skills
  • Guardian core teams - heavy infantry
  • Chargers (Guardian special teams) - heavy cavalry
Guardian Team - Classified: Riftforge online
Classified Guardians, check back soon

At the core of your Guardian squadron is the commander. With powerful tactical skills like Switch, Sanitarium, and Testudo, your commander will turn the tide in your favor even when facing a numerically superior enemy.

Your commander as well as your troopers have a variety of specialization choices via training. You can go for more defensive and offensive skills or focus on enhancing the overall effectiveness of the elite Guardian teams.

More archetypes

Raiders - stealth, melee damage
Rangers - ranged & area of effect damage

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Captain Dassim: Riftforge online
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