The Raiders have perfected hit-and-run tactics that take advantage of their superior speed. Specialized troops utilize camouflage extensively in order to get into enemy ranks and destroy key personnel.

Raider commander skills

Seek and destroy: Online RPG game

Your commander has two types of abilities. First, there are tactical skills that come as a result from months of relentless drilling. They affect multiple friendly units in a positive way.

Interrogate: Online RPG game

Second, your commander has developed action skills that are quite unique. They can force the enemy into unfavorable position, cripple it, or affect seriously its ability to fight.

Raider team skills

Pin down: Online RPG game

Raider teams take advantage of their superior mobility to control enemy movements and formations. They often apply poison to their blades in order to increase casualties between raids.

Smoke bomb: Online RPG game

All assassin teams master the art of camouflage. The visibility in a whiteout or blizzard is restricted to a few paces, so they bypass enemy sentries with ease in order to eliminate enemy officers.