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Captain Singore: Riftforge online
Captain Singore, Raider Training

The first to engage the enemy, the Raiders excel in breaking enemy formations by a combining camouflage, lightning attacks, and feigned retreats.

As a Raider commander, you can expect the following special missions: infiltration, interdiction, insurgency, surgical strike, interception, as well as various black ops (including assassinations).

Continue to complete your briefing on Raider skills and tactics, Raider history, and Captain Singore, who is in charge of Raider training.

Raider briefing

As a Raiders, your role is versatile: from a light scout and stalker to pursuer and finisher. Your advantages are speed, stealth, and burst damage. Finishing off a weakened enemy is definitely one of the Raiders' favorite tasks.

Each Raider squadron under your command consists of up to six teams:

  • Raider commander - a leader with unique tactical skills
  • Raiders core teams - fast, light cavalry
  • Assassins (Raider special teams) - stealth melee
Raider Team - Classified: Riftforge online
Classified Raiders, check back soon

At the core of your Raider squadron is the commander. Favorite tactical skills include Interrogate, Duress and Heartseeker.

Your Raider commander and his troopers can specialize in offensive or defensive tactical skills. Additional training can improve the capabilities of the elite Raiders under command.

More archetypes

Guardians - protection, melee damage
Rangers - ranged & area of effect damage

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Captain Singore: Riftforge online
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