The Rangers' main focus is destroying the enemy quickly. Ranger training emphasizes the maximization of damage and hones Rangers' survival skills.

Ranger commander skills

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Your commander has two types of abilities. First, there are tactical skills that come as a result from months of relentless drilling. They affect multiple friendly units in a positive way.

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Second, your commander has developed action skills that are quite unique. They can force the enemy into unfavorable position, cripple it, or affect seriously its ability to fight.

Ranger team skills

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Ranger teams undergo rigorous training to increase the lethality of their attacks. Only the top marksmen are promoted to Rangers, so the emphasis in this advanced Ranger training falls on special shots and stances.

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Grenadiers do not become masters of incendiaries and explosives overnight. Sergeant's insistence that only live munitions are used means that for many the selection process is brutally short.