Bloodhounds and Nightrunners: Riftforge online
Bloodhound (left) and Nightrunner (right)


When the Bloodhounds are hot on a trail, they will go on for days and nights with little food or sleep. This is where the similarity with their canine namesakes ends.

The Bloodhounds don't have to be loving, loyal, or best friends with anybody. Being top dog has its perks.


The nightrunners started out as junior couriers between the three branches of the Riftforge military. When the war effort required soldiers skilled in the art of camouflage, it didn't take long to identify these couriers as masters of deception, especially when it came to their whereabouts. So they moved up the ranks.


There are indeed some fletchers of renown among these elite rangers, but the Thunderbolts got their name for another reason. The short version of the story is that their previous nickname "Bolts" highlighted the exceptional haste of their retreat, which in turn resulted in too much blood being spilled in tavern brawls.

So they got Thunderbolts instead. It's another matter whether the bloodletting has stopped. Thankfully, the Templars take exceptionally good care of the wounded.

Dambuster and Firesmith: Online RPG
Dambuster (left) and Firesmith (right)


The Dambusters nickname is an impressive feat of imagination as dams are nowhere to be seen on Manirak. Veteran Rangers claim it comes from the sheer amount of explosives that are "lost" every mission. Riftforge's Master of the Armory is the only one that finds that joke not funny.


One might think that singed hair and eyebrows are part of the uniform of this particular unit. Admittedly, some firesmiths have gone the extra mile and shaved their heads clean. In their minds, there's nothing worse than your hair catching fire at the wrong moment. Except maybe losing one's eyebrow pencil.


These elite grenadiers have built a fearsome reputation, despite the fact that ice bridges on Manirak are rather slow to catch a flame. They argue the name comes from their complete dedication to the Guild, which requires them to sever all family ties.

Bartenders disagree. If you ask them, the bridgeburners party like their days are numbered, which leaves no time for family duties.