Strategic doctrine

The Triad Doctrine has emerged as the only viable strategy for the Riftforge forces to defeat an entrenched enemy that vastly outnumbers them. At this level, the Triad doctrine relies on several force multipliers: rigorous training, superior equipment, and most importantly, commander autonomy.

The regular army was more or less disbanded in favor of elite units, led by commanders able to make independent decisions in the field of battle. Thanks to the Riftforge, the each troop can be deployed anywhere and strike at targets of critical importance. When the doctrine is applied correctly, the enemy is forced to play catchup.

Tactical movement

Marching in columns is frowned upon in the Riftforge. Movement towards objectives in enemy territory is called "tabbing", i.e. tactical advance to battle. It takes a variety of formations that suit different terrains and conditions. Below is a standard tabbing formation with a full squadron of troops.

Marching Formation: Riftforge online

Tactical engagement

The Triad doctrine divides the Riftforge forces into a center and two flanks (wings). In commander school, tutors often use the analogy of warrior: his torso is the center of the line; the right arm wields the weapon and the left arm holds a shield.

Engagement: Riftforge online
  • The Guardian commander forms a strong center. Infantry is deployed as the main battle line and the Chargers (heavy cavalry) are usually massed to support the right flank.
  • The Raider commander acts as the offensive arm. Raiders (fast cavalry) as well as assassins are expected to flank the enemy and begin the encirclement.
  • The Ranger commander repulses enemy attacks to protect the squadron against flanking attacks. Once the enemy is pinned down in the center, both rangers and grenadiers will move in to encircle it.