As a tribute to Steve Jobs, we are re-affirming our commitment to supporting a seamless gaming experience on all Apple devices.

Riftforge already runs natively in Safari on both iOS as well as MacOS. There is no need for plug-ins or add-ons and especially, there is no need for Adobe Flash.

Furthermore, the battlefield maps have been optimized for narrow displays, so when there's scrolling, it's mostly vertical. The interface elements like minimaps and battlelogs can be toggled on/off in the options panel in order to maximize screen real estate.

Yet, some challenges remain. Selecting units is sometimes difficult on 3" displays. Using skills is slower for the same reason.

We are hopeful that once iPhones and iPods are upgraded to the new 4"+ screens, playing Riftforge on these devices will be as easy as playing on an iPad.

Disclaimer: The screenshots you see are actual game screenshots. They are taken on a computer and then overlayed on the respective device. The reason we haven't photographed the device itself is that pixel art is terribly misrepresented when re-sized or re-sampled in any way (see actual iPad photo).

Steve Jobs: We are really saddened by Steve's untimely departure. He is a constant source of inspiration. He also influenced directly some of our technical decisions (e.g. his thoughts on Flash). We truly believe that keeping our commitment to make this RPG available to all Apple fans is the best way to honor Steve's legacy. Rest in peace, Steve!

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Does this effort extend to Android as well? In addition to Android-based tablets, there are many Android phones with 4"+ screens already.


That article on Flash was pretty interesting, although it is a year old now. With the new Flash player 11, many features mentioned have now improved. Increased security, hardware acceleration and so on. Of course with there being so many compatibility problems when Flash and Apple are together I can see why web developers would want to stay away.

I suppose you can guess I'm a PC user now. Ironically enough I also know a bit about website development, in fact I'm currently working on a Blog project using (you guessed it) Adobe Dreamweaver. I actually had plans to use a bit of Flash for the site (navigation, banners, etc.) - But after being correctly informed on the matter of Flash and Apple together, I think I'll do my best to stay away from that idea. I've been a fan of Flash for many-a-years, and personally I don't use a single Apple product, but I have to keep in mind what other people are going to use to view the site. Since Dreamweaver is such a powerful tool, creating what I need using that shouldn't be a problem.

All of that aside, I really look forward to playing this game whenever possible. The art is amazing, I love the graphics and - well, just everything I can see from this game looks awesome!

Yes, Flash has come a long

Yes, Flash has come a long way but we decided to steer clear of this oft-trodden path. There are way too many Flash games that are poorly designed and for us Flash has become synonymous with bad online games. Of course, there are some exceptions.

P.S. We are "upgrading" the artwork again, although the better word is perhaps "enhancing".

I approve!
^ My Reaction
The funny thing is I was using my Ipad too.