Juggernaut and Impaler: Online RPG
Juggernaut (left) and Impaler (right)

Elite Chargers form the vanguard of Riftforge invading force. Their shock tactics break the defensive formations of even the most determined of enemies.

Commanders like to mass their heavy cavalry in tight squadrons. Riding hard, boot to boot, against the enemy spear wall time and again has created quite a bond between the veteran chargers.

When looking for a new mount, the elite chargers spare no expense to get the biggest, ugliest brutes. Rather surprisingly, breeders now demand a premium for all ugly mounts. This fact amuses Raider quartermasters to no end. It also helps them drive down the price of beautiful snow lions and tigers quite significantly.


These elite cavalrymen have been recruited from the cart drivers of the Guardian baggage train. Although they have tried to forget about their humble beginnings, other soldiers are not letting them have an easy ride. The nickname has stuck and the Juggernauts are trying to put a positive spin on it by smashing everything in their path.


Notoriously inept at handling their extremely long lances, recruits joining the Impalers have suffered more than their fair share of accidents. In an effort to keep at least some of them alive, the drill sergeants have replaced the battle lances with wooden poles that break at the slightest impact. Yet, every week a few of them will manage to get self-impaled during a training charge.

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