Shieldmaidens and Ironbreakers: Online RPG
Shieldmaiden (left) and Ironbreaker (right)

Veterans from a dozen battles, these elite foot soldiers have the best equipment money can buy.

Much of the training is done in "wall" formations, so the Guardians are firm believers that discipline is often the best defense.

The camaraderie in the elite battalions is very high. These veterans have been fighting shoulder to shoulder for years.


This group of women has never been seen carrying shields into battle. Never! One can only assume that their maidenhood is also a myth, although bringing up the matter has cost many a nose and ear.

When not busy taking care of their shields or maidenhood, they are weight lifting and fist fighting.


The Ironbreakers' name doesn't come from some feat of strength. Rather, it comes from their incredible stubbornness. Some would even say stupidity.

Legend has it that the drill sergeant actually broke his iron cattle prod when trying to straighten a shield wall formation.

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