Wreckers: Online RPG game
Wreckers on patrol

When it comes to equipment, the Mercantile Guild has access to the best of the best.

It is no surprise that the best loot ends up in the Guild's vault, considering they control all imports from Manirak.


These elite grenadiers have built a fearsome reputation, despite the fact that ice bridges on Manirak are rather slow to catch a flame. They argue the name comes from their complete dedication to the Guild, which requires them to sever all family ties.

Bartenders disagree. If you ask them, the bridgeburners party like their days are numbered, which leaves no time for family duties.


A battalion of elite guardians were first assigned to the Guild as personal bodyguards. The Guild’s demanding training and indoctrination program has resulted in elite troops that combine feats of superhuman strength with an eye for what is valuable.

Famous for their “salvaging” skills, the Wreckers have been known to strip an enemy encampment down to a few worthless wooden posts in less than an hour. The Guild is more than happy to unload the loot for them, charging only a modest commission.

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