Bloodhounds and Nightrunners: Riftforge online
Bloodhound (left) and Nightrunner (right)

Recruits new to the Rangers have tremendous respect for these veterans because all drill sergeants come from the elite battalions. It is no surprise that the Ranger indoctrination program has a higher mortality rate than most combat missions.

Another testament to the Rangers' survival skills, the elite Ranger battalions are the only Riftforge formations with troopers over the age of forty.

Captain Galheen often jokes that he is sending them to certain death, in order to make sure he is the oldest Ranger on record.


When the Bloodhounds are hot on a trail, they will go on for days and nights with little food or sleep. This is where the familiarities with their canine namesakes end.

The Bloodhounds don't have to be loving, loyal, or best friends with anybody. Being top dog has its perks.


The nightrunners started out as junior couriers between the three branches of the Riftforge military. When the war effort required soldiers skilled in the art of camouflage, it didn't take long to identify these couriers as masters of deception, especially when it came to their whereabouts. So they moved up the ranks.

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