Elite Troops: Online RPG
New Elite troops in the Playtest

Below you'll find answers to the most common questions we receive. Basically, it's the what, the why, the when, and the how of the getting into Riftforge.

What's in the Playtest

You’ll be able to play with all three archetypes: Guardians, Raiders, and Rangers. Each archetype will come with its commander as well as core and special troops. As you win battles and earn gold, you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment, skills, and troops (see elite troops).

With your commander and troops, you will engage other players in one-versus-one battlegrounds. There are ranked battles as well as practice battles. Your objective is to climb the ranks by defeating increasingly more skilled opponents.

Why start with Player-vs-Player combat?

We feel that too many online RPGs have failed in ensuring that all RPG classes are desirable in end-game combat. We’ll let us grind our way to level 80, then just to sit on the sidelines.

So our first objective is to ensure that all three archetypes are FUN to play in the end game. They should all be able to WIN versus a human opponent of some skill.

That’s why, the playtest is all about Player-versus-Player (PvP) combat. We’ll start adding scenarios where you fight computer-controlled monsters (PvE), once we feel we have satisfied the first objective.

When does the playtest start?

Currently, we are running a “private” playtest and although the game is playable, it’s neither very stable, nor balanced. In other words, we still have a TON of work to do.

In a few weeks, we’ll re-assess the state of the game and if it’s stable enough, we’ll start inviting playtesters.

How am I getting invited?

You will receive an activation email, sent to the email you submitted when you registered. Stay tuned for news on the playtest here as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, we’ll be posting special unlock codes on Facebook, so make sure you join our fan page by pressing LIKE below:

Note: If you have changed your email since then, you can always login with your username and password and change your email. By default, your username is the part of your email before @. You can also reset your password, if you have forgotten it.

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I live in China, and Facebook is blocked. Is there another way to get an activation code?

the activation code

you could just ask other testers for the codes or send a messages to moderators when the game comes out.


This game looks like it's going to be GREAT.
From the screenshot in this article I can already tell that this game will be epic.
ANY game which includes a samurai riding a gold plated walrus-horse hybrid is 100% guaranteed to be a great game in my books.



FAILING i had caps on...


How we can play ??


So..whens this shindig kickin off?

maybe the Admin should post an expected Release date to give an idea on when to expect to be able to play? <-- aye


Dear Admins,
I dont know Y im writing this comment like a letter :D.
anyway just plz at least tell us when the playtest opening date will be
Sincerely,i forgot my name


I don't think the Riftforge staff would be thinking of a set release date at this time. Keep in mind that if they set themselves a release date, they'll have to rush and cut corners on the game to release it by that time. I'd prefer to wait patiently for a good game then know when a bad game is released.


I agree, when you get into your car, do you know that the I-10 is going to be packed and that you'll be late for work? Not always, that being said, I believe we should give the developers ample time to build and fix the game before it's released. If they don't do it right because we kept bugging them, we will only be angry later when a server crashes or our in game currency disappeared, which will only cause you cry-babies to cry even louder.


it make me sick thinking of this game


well....thiss game is obviouslyy nt available forr now....newlyy releasedd....sooooo how long wud it be?? kw the release date?? coz im dyinn for a good free online game.......^_^


This game looks like it's gonna be awesome but I have some queries. Number one, how good will the graphics be and will the game have bad latency? Number two, will there be skills other than combat skills such as mining and smithing? Number three, will there be multiple servers for different activities - if they're present?


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^ I agree with this


whatever happens with the game:
make pets!
i mean cool looking pets, like a skeleton that will walk after you when u like to be alone :D


How long do we have to wait?



hope its good

hope its good

Calm People

This is more a comment to other people waiting to play(like me). I understand that many people want to start playing right now,but we must have patients. They most likely are not letting mass amounts of players play yet, becuase there servers are not yet capable, they most likely are trying to improve the game quality rather then the server quality so that when they do release it to the masses it is a game that will keep players coming back for more. If they just let everyone play now alot of people will probly be disappointed with the current quality, and quit playing. So everyone please just stay calm and allow them to choose when we can all play. I trust them to do whats best, when its best to do so, that way they can give us an amazingly addicitng, fun, entertaining game that we can enjoy for the future. Thank you for your time.


It will be good to see some screenshoots of the game.


but 3 monthes ago close enough it said soon... soon my ass would it hurry up already they wont even reply 2 us when we ask them something on here. how do we know they r even working on it they could be doing nothing at all and just making us wait for the fun of it. i think we should get some word about it srsly its anoying me alot. im all for waiting i JUST WANT INFO ON IT


Everyone gets delayed just look at bigger game titles like Brink it was delayed for 2 years, or Starcraft 2 it was started in 2004 and didnt finish till last year. Game developers are just as human as me and you, so they make mistakes to. They may be having horrible issues right now, so everyone has to be patient. Three months is not long to wait, this game will probely be released reletivley soon( anywere from 1 week- 4 months), there still in the testing phases, and are probly very caught up in it, so they will release info when they have the time. I am pretty sure everyone here should care more about the game getting completed so they can all get the info first hand, rather then the developers slowing down the progress of the game to spit out little bits of info here and there. Thank you yet again for your time.


i just think it would be nice to get info every few weeks about that is gonna happen and the progress they r making

When can we play?

So when can we start and if we can play how do we enter?

Just Wait!

If you read, they say (Even at the top of the page!) it's still in play-test. Sooner or later they will send out e-mails with a code and website link, we go to the website, enter the code, and play the play-test! So just keep an eye on your e-mails and enjoy!


This game is still in playtest. If we were to play now the servers would be unstable.
We're all the same and we all have to wait so please stop complaining.


so what, can we play this damn game or it just pvp Bull$hit thats not getting done soon enought. btw, is there a single player mode in witch new players can have fun and not get there asses kicked and called gay by some1 who already reaced the highest level. i hate those guys


Did you not READ?
If you had read the article, they say that the game WILL be balanced so that problems like that won't occur. Most of the combat will be based on the strategic intelligence of the person playing the game, not in-game skills that were attained through grinding.
Please revise your spelling and the actual article in question next time.

ok this is getting a lil anoying.

come on this is getting anoying now, when ii first came on last year i thought mabye 3-4 weeks but we r in the 2nd month of the year already so can some1 gimme any info when its gonna be ready


I think they should've released the game and make some updates while we play so we don't get too bored waiting for this game to be released. I don't care how long the update maintenance would be I just want to play this game.

i agrree

i agree with you it would be a gd plan and all ppl r gonna do is stop cheaking

i hope its good!

i hope its good at least its a few weeks instead of a few months


what is this for?

its for


what are the limited edition items

will the limited edition items be for us or can you buy them in the game later

game owner

yo game owner who r u and will u have an acc on the game,btw to prove u r owner tell em my fb name


Someone needs to learn some English!


i know my english its just shortcuts to make it faster 2 type and easier

No need here...

Well, let's think about it, do you need to type fast for a comment section? I mean, if in-game, sure, but here, there's no need.

yea yea

whatever its just a comment bit no1 cares how u chat

LoL... I can type twice as

LoL... I can type twice as fast using full words as you can in shorthand, I'm sure. Just practice and you won't need shorthand. Comes from nearly 2 decades of playing online games, lol.


yea so u r moning ur but off about me using shorthand and ur probs almost 30...... good to know

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You're an Idiot, Learn to type properly. 'Nuff Said.


looks like its gonna be pretty chill. cant wait to try it


I wanna play now.................. T_T

Good things are worth wating for

Patience is virtue, don't wet yourself over this game not coming out. Just play some other RPG or do something else while you wait instead of spending long nights hoping the game will come out the next day: the RiftForge staff will probably give us a release date when they're confident that the game is complete enough to be enjoyed in Beta.
A watched pot never boils, be patient


when does this come out?


Seems like a sweet game... Can't wait for it and excited to be a tester!


Are the pixely pictures, pictures of gameplay?

Should be sweet.

Been looking for a game to lay off some steam from school. Hope this works. I'm excited for the release :)