Halloween mount: Felsteed

"Trick or treat" has been gaining traction with Riftforge's mount trainers.

It is a modern take on the more traditional, carrot-and-stick approach, when it comes to breaking in wild mounts.

Yet, when it comes to the felsteed and the nightmare, no training has managed to put a dent in their obstinate, undead nature.

The docile Cerberus mount, their close relative, has proven its value a thousand-fold in the hands of the elite Grenadier battalions. Still, the Halloween mounts stay true to their infernal nature regardless of punishments and rewards.

Halloween mount: Nightmare

Never to let a good argument go to waste, bookmakers have started accepting bets on which of the two mounts will be available for the winter campaign.

Trainers have heard this call. After much trial and error, they discovered that the only way to stay on the back of one of these is to dress accordingly.

The practical choices have been reduced to two: Evil Pumpkin or Flaming Skull.

Note: This is a repost from 2011 but still relevant today. We've actually added these as special Halloween units.

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rift forge as a play

as a play in this game


My bets are on the headless horseman, he defenitely looks much more menacing than some half-charred, calcified skeleton.


this is a awesome game


how do i actually play?

Beta is out

If you visited this site often, you'll have seen that the "Happy Holidays!" news page is giving out a beta key.