Commander Sira
Commander Sira
High House Sima


As the Caldarian offensive picks up speed, High House Sima doubles the number of missions available to you!

Their patrons from House Oshiro will be doubling the patrols as well, in order to support the offensive.

So what's next? That's right - CAMPAIGNS!

In order to encourage Commanders to follow through with the more challenging missions, the top Houses will offer extra LOOT when a campaign is completed.

What are campaigns?

Every campaign is a collection of missions. When you have completed all the missions in a campaign, several things can happen.

Caldarian campaigns

Today, you'll get a superior item - weapon or armor. However, we have plans to add more types of rewards: unique items, units, special missions, and more. So campaigns will be the best way for you to build up your House.

So check out the five new campaigns!

If you've played the missions we released last month, you have already completed two campaigns. Time to loot!

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