Nightblade Commander
Commander Chaya
Nightblade battalion commander


Six elite units are now available at Riftforge, for a total of 18 elite battalions.

The Mercantile Guild has generously allowed some of its elite Vigilantes to join you in battle.

Don't like Vigilantes? No worries, each archetype gets two new units: an elite core and a special trooper, so be sure to check them out.

To speed up playtesting, we are introducing the new units at a reduced price, so you can easily afford to recruit them. Remember that patrols now get you superior weapons in addition to gold, so making a lot of gold has never been easier.

New Riftforge elite units

As with the previous six elites, each unit will add a new unique signature skill (a.k.a. ultimate) to your tactical options. Most of the new skills are not only NEW skills, they are new TYPES of skills. Which means that they either have unique effects or they have new functionality. For example, Ironbreaker's Fling sends an enemy unit flying in the air. Upon hitting an obstacle, the unit is dazed.

  • Vigilante - Hot Pursuit - Blood spilled restores health (lifesteal!)
  • Ironbreaker - Fling - Flings an enemy overhead to daze him
  • Bridgeburner - Path of Fire - Clears a path with fire
  • Thunderbolt - Thunderstruck - Knocks back and stuns an enemy
  • Nightblade - Nighstalker - Killing an enemy steals his effects
  • Wardog - Noxious blast - Poison forces enemy units to flee

We'll be adding information for each individual unit, one archetype at a time. You don't have to wait for the description though. You can start recruiting these elites immediately!

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