New enemies: Rhalley and Syrran

House Sima has done it again!

With the help of their patrons from House Oshiro, they've expanded the patrol grid, effectively doubling the number of patrol locations.

It is not like they had much of a choice. The Sima-led campaign invasion has been threatened on both flanks by new enemies.

The first reports about the new enemies came through on December 21. It's probably not a coincidence, since it's the Winter Solstice (and the shortest day of the year).

New enemies: Rhalley vs Syrran

At least for now, the new enemies doesn't appear to be coordinating attacks with the Caldarians.

Yet, Riftforge Operations command is hesitant to rush to conclusions. So expect new missions from House Sima that focus on gathering intelligence about the new enemies and their intentions.
New enemies
The Rhalleys offer quite a challenge with their swarming tactics, sacrificing their own to gain an advantage. The Syrrans are even nastier as they appear out of the mist to slash into your most vulnerable units (Hello, Rangers!).

That's not all. At least two commanders have gone missing when following a Rhalley Empath towards the ocean. Local Entrussar hunters spoke of an unspeakable horror that swept the coast clean... of all life.

On the positive side, House Sima offers you more rewards. You can now re-open a campaign, replay any mission to the max achievement level and claim a superior reward.

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