Reavers and Venetians
Reavers and Venetians,
the new Raider elite


Finally, the last two elite units that took part in the August campaign: Reavers and Venetians.

They are an addition to the Raiders and play on their strengths: hit-and-run tactics.


Often confused with circus freaks or clowns, the Venetian assassins are famous for their short fuses.

The absolute certain way to get their attention is to ask one of them with your most innocent voice: "You know how to make a Venetian Blind?"

The punchline is "poke him in the eye" but unless you actually poke the Venetian in the eye, chances are you'll have a hard time finishing the joke between two gurgles from your slit throat.


The Reavers are a female-only battalion of elite raiders recruited directly from the Sisterhood’s acolytes. They are often credited with the initial introduction and subsequent perfection of hit-and-run tactics.

The flip side is that the Sisterhood is flooded with complaints from regular troops claiming that when the battle heats up, the Reavers focus on the running part a lot more than they do on hitting the enemy.

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