Raider Commander
High House Oshiro
is giving away superior items

Another major update comes to Riftforge, turning it into a more traditional RPG: L-O-O-T!

Indeed, there have been new swords, bows, daggers and what not flying in every direction.

Why? Thanks to the new and improved patrols!

Before we cover the loot, let's look at what's new and improved about patrols (PvE).

Improved Patrols

  • Area Map - your patrol reveals portions of Caldaria, never explored before
  • New routes - troop's progresss is displayed as well as the encounter difficulty
  • Auto tuning - if you are defeated, the difficulty is automatically reduced by one
  • Smooth scaling - lower difficulty patrols when your level is low (level cap>
  • Easy pray - Caldarian HP and damage has been decreased dramatically

New Superior items
By far, the most important change to patrols is the fact that you can now get item rewards. These are courtesy of House Oshiro, who is eager to see patrolling commanders better equipped for the battles that lie ahead.

New superior items

In order to get the reward, you'll need to win a draw against other commanders in House Oshiro's favor. Rest assured that if you have highly distinguished yourself in the patrol encounter, the "chance" is 100%.

Here's the types of rewards you can expect:
  • Progression - get gold and XP for your patrols, amount based on difficulty
  • Standard item - win an item from the shop (save up to 27,000 gold!)
  • Superior item - win a new unique item with two bonus stats
  • Rare item - an exceptional item with 3+ bonus stats (very rare currently)

It is now 50 times more likely for you to get the maximum patrol encounter (+10). Each maximum encounter is practically guaranteed to reward you with a superior item. Easier encounters will result in a bit less of a chance for superior item and a higher chance for a standard item.

Please note that all items have been renamed, so for example, your Red Longsword is now called a Claymore. This hasn't affected its stats or price. So winning it from a patrol saves you spending 27,000 gold at the shop!

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