Wolverine and Headhunter
Wolverine and Headhunter,
the new Ranger elite


This week, another two elite units get the star treatment.

Enter the Wolverine and the Headhunter.


When these elite grenadiers were promoted to elite status, they requested to be known as the Bear Shaman or the Grizzlies.

When the request was turned down, they had to come up with an alternative. Ferocious and individualistic, the Wolverine won as mascot in the first round of voting and was soon sanctioned as the official unit name.

It didn't take long for the other elite troopers to start teasing them that that Wolverines are not bears but in fact are big weasels. So it is up to the Wolverines to prove that weasels, big or small, are ruthless predators.


Originally, the headhunters were a paramilitary formation which tracked escaped prisoners and deserters. Eventually, they found out House Orosso paid a lot better for people who owe money, so they dropped all extraneous activities and pledged their allegiance.

If you see a wanted poster for an experienced taxidermist, it is probably the Headhunters looking for help with some shrunken heads.

Even with only a few shrunken heads to uphold their reputation, these Rangers have become the elite House troop. Unpaid debt or obstruction of the House activities can quickly lead to a meeting where the trophy heads are dangled as a means of not-so-subtle persuasion.

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