Elite Templar Assassins: Riftforge onlineThe Order of Aguta’s Temple is an ancient organization indigenous to Manirak. Recently though, it was taken over by Riftforge. Even with new management, the Templars continue to look at the Sisterhood and the Guild as insolent upstarts.

From time immemorial, the Order has been taking care of the mortally wounded and terminally ill in an efficient, if not always a very humane manner.

Yet, the Templars’ primary focus remains thwarting the heretics. The most grievous affront to Aguta (meaning simply the Creator) is tempering with the natural world, whether in the form of creating constructs (organisms patched together from different creatures) or abominations (twisting the nature of a creature).

Rather conveniently, the Order’s definition of heresy is wide and flexible enough to include numerous tribal groups as well. Failure to euthanize the old or incinerate the deceased is the easiest way to make the list of the Order’s enemies.

Fortunately, there is no punishment for disobeying the Order, unless burning everyone alive is considered one. Official Templar doctrine states that fire is a blessing; admittedly, one of the better disguised ones.

Missions given by the Order:

  • Incineration missions – enforce Order rules incinerating Heretic outposts and villages
  • Black watch missions – watch for Black death outbreak, contain infected communities
  • Heretic Sabotage missions – sabotage supply bases for constructs
  • Heretic Interdiction missions – assault the Heretic’s contruct production bases

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