It has been a year, since we pledged our support for Apple devices.

(It's also an year since Apple's founder Steve Job's death.)

We are happy to report that we've just tested Riftforge on the new retina iPad. All battles are now playable on the iPad.

One thing we've noticed is that the new retina display doesn't render the artwork at 100% but scales it up. Pixel art usually gets distorted when displayed in any resolution other than native. However, in this case, it looks pretty nice and at least on the new snow maps, the troops pop with excellent clarity.

The other aspect of the huge resolution is that the skill buttons are pretty small. So unless you have slender fingers like our lead web developer, you might be activating two skills at once.

Note: Please excuse the shaky camera work and the lighting. Also, it was her first game on iPad with the different touch controls.

We plan to revamp the interface for iPad, increasing the button size and allowing for native scrolling. Stay tuned for next version!

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