Icecrest Gulf: Online RPG
Icecrest Gulf

The Southern warzone comprises Icecrest Gulf and the surrounding coastal areas.

Bitterly contested by a dozen (somewhat) sentient species, the zone covers over 500,000 square klicks of windswept icebergs, islands, marshlands, and mountains.

Each warzone on Riftforge’s map is subdivided into nine sectors, which are referred to by their grid coordinates.

Additional information about each GRID is being added as scouting parties return from their missions:

  • GRID 81 - Snowdune Lagoon
  • GRID 82 - Stormreach
  • GRID 83 - Bearspine Ridge
  • GRID 84 - Longshore Marsh
  • GRID 85 - Icebreaker Island
  • GRID 86 - Ashrain
  • GRID 87 - Titan's Cape
  • GRID 88 - Rift Isle
  • GRID 89 - Caldaria

Ice Floes north of Rift Isle

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its ok.

I want to playy so Bad!


How The Fuck Do U play

How The Fuck Do U play


when r they going to release the geame?



how do u play

how do u play?!


The game is not out yet, but it will be a cool game i reckon :)


The Game hasnt come out yet Wait read understand that This game must be epic for the wait.


i know how you feel i was on when i seen the ad so i joined now i dont know how to play if you know how please tell me

yours truely andrew


that is so Uper hot and nice

Actually, this zone is super

Actually, this zone is super cold, or cool depending on the season!


how to play this game?

how to play

how do you play the game cause I`v been trying to figure it out for an hour

I wonder..

It should all be released and playable after the 50 more play offers are offered. At least that's what I think. Can't wait to try things out!!

Last time I seen it it said

Last time I seen it it said 103 more but I should check again

theres 96 more people

theres 96 more people


has 413 on mine...


when does this game start? cause idk how the hell this works lol