Commander Sira
Commander Sira
High House Sima


As the Caldarian offensive picks up speed, High House Sima doubles the number of missions available to you!

Their patrons from House Oshiro will be doubling the patrols as well, in order to support the offensive.

So what's next? That's right - CAMPAIGNS!

In order to encourage Commanders to follow through with the more challenging missions, the top Houses will offer extra LOOT when a campaign is completed. Read more »

New Missions

Venetian Commander
High Commander Atrio
High House Sima


High House Sima has finally launched the Caldarian offensive!

The good news is you are no longer limited to patrols and skirmishes. Now you can beat Caldarians as many times and as often as you like.

The bad news? Caldarian heavy infantry are not that easy to beat!

The mission rewards are more than worth it. There are 14 missions to go through and each mission brings new loot including superior armor upgrades.

That is doubly true for uncommon and rare missions. With the latter, you are practically guaranteed to get excellent loot. Read more »

Halloween mount: Felsteed

"Trick or treat" has been gaining traction with Riftforge's mount trainers.

It is a modern take on the more traditional, carrot-and-stick approach, when it comes to breaking in wild mounts.

Yet, when it comes to the felsteed and the nightmare, no training has managed to put a dent in their obstinate, undead nature.

The docile Cerberus mount, their close relative, has proven its value a thousand-fold in the hands of the elite Grenadier battalions. Still, the Halloween mounts stay true to their infernal nature regardless of punishments and rewards. Read more »

It has been a year, since we pledged our support for Apple devices.

(It's also an year since Apple's founder Steve Job's death.)

We are happy to report that we've just tested Riftforge on the new retina iPad. All battles are now playable on the iPad.

One thing we've noticed is that the new retina display doesn't render the artwork at 100% but scales it up. Pixel art usually gets distorted when displayed in any resolution other than native. However, in this case, it looks pretty nice and at least on the new snow maps, the troops pop with excellent clarity. Read more »

Cardinal Commander
Commander Pratis
Cardinal battalion commander


A strange twist of fate at Riftforge has paved the way for the most overpowered batch of units.

When you look at your new recruitment options, make sure you check out the Gutripper, Varangian, and Bloodhound. OK, enough spoilers!

We've reduced the prices on old units to match those of the new uber elites. In short, all units are now officially 50% cheaper than before.

Based on your feedback, we've also reduced the price of armors (dramatically from 54,000 to 12,000). So if you've delayed armor upgrades, now is a good time to catch up. Read more »

Nightblade Commander
Commander Chaya
Nightblade battalion commander


Six elite units are now available at Riftforge, for a total of 18 elite battalions.

The Mercantile Guild has generously allowed some of its elite Vigilantes to join you in battle.

Don't like Vigilantes? No worries, each archetype gets two new units: an elite core and a special trooper, so be sure to check them out.

To speed up playtesting, we are introducing the new units at a reduced price, so you can easily afford to recruit them. Remember that patrols now get you superior weapons in addition to gold, so making a lot of gold has never been easier. Read more »