Reavers and Venetians
Reavers and Venetians,
the new Raider elite


Finally, the last two elite units that took part in the August campaign: Reavers and Venetians.

They are an addition to the Raiders and play on their strengths: hit-and-run tactics.


Often confused with circus freaks or clowns, the Venetian assassins are famous for their short fuses.

The absolute certain way to get their attention is to ask one of them with your most innocent voice: "You know how to make a Venetian Blind?"

The punchline is "poke him in the eye" but unless you actually poke the Venetian in the eye, chances are you'll have a hard time finishing the joke between two gurgles from your slit throat. Read more »

Wolverine and Headhunter
Wolverine and Headhunter,
the new Ranger elite


This week, another two elite units get the star treatment.

Enter the Wolverine and the Headhunter.


When these elite grenadiers were promoted to elite status, they requested to be known as the Bear Shaman or the Grizzlies.

When the request was turned down, they had to come up with an alternative. Ferocious and individualistic, the Wolverine won as mascot in the first round of voting and was soon sanctioned as the official unit name.

It didn't take long for the other elite troopers to start teasing them that that Wolverines are not bears but in fact are big weasels. So it is up to the Wolverines to prove that weasels, big or small, are ruthless predators. Read more »

Raider Commander
High House Oshiro
is giving away superior items

Another major update comes to Riftforge, turning it into a more traditional RPG: L-O-O-T!

Indeed, there have been new swords, bows, daggers and what not flying in every direction.

Why? Thanks to the new and improved patrols!

Before we cover the loot, let's look at what's new and improved about patrols (PvE).

Improved Patrols

  • Area Map - your patrol reveals portions of Caldaria, never explored before
  • New routes - troop's progresss is displayed as well as the encounter difficulty
  • Auto tuning - if you are defeated, the difficulty is automatically reduced by one
  • Smooth scaling - lower difficulty patrols when your level is low (level cap>
  • Easy pray - Caldarian HP and damage has been decreased dramatically
Silverlight and Berserker
Silverlight and Berserker,
the new Guardian elite


Two new elite units come into play.

Berserkers are elite Guardians that sacrifice some defense for a powerful Rage signature skill.

Silverlight are elite Chargers are shock troopers trained to charge the enemy's flank.


The artic weather of Manirak has taken care the no one can get into battle naked, even the Berserkers. So these elite Guardians had to focus on the "other" key aspect of their namesakes - manic fighting, usually with the help of a generous quantity of firewater.

Regardless of the level of intoxication, however, the Berserkers have no illusions about the Berseker's mythic ability to blunt the enemy's weapons with a single stare. So they add quite a few layers of armor on top of "Odin's spiritual protection". Read more »

Berserker Commander
Commander Halldor
Berserker battalion commander


Finally, you get six new units to add to the six existing one.

We are introducing these units at the elite (red) level, so they come with all five skills.

You can recruit them immediately, without a level requirement.

Also, to make that first hire easier, we'll be introducing these units at a special, limited-time only price.

So hurry up and recruit them while they are 50% off! Read more »

Raider Commander
Commander Darrush,
Raider battalion commander

Riftforge force recon patrols have just returned with Caldarian blood on their hands.

Caldaria is a powerful city-state to the east of Rift Isle, famous for its sturdy infantry troops. Their discipline and tenacity is unmatched in all of Icecrest Bay.

It is really unfortunate but hardly surprising that Riftforge's first patrols into the area were not welcomed with open arms by the Caldarian legionaries. Read more »