Charger Commander
Commander Cruz
Charger battalion commander

We are very excited about the first type of PvE missions: the patrol.

So what's a patrol mission?

Patrols allow you to earn gold and experience points while you sleep!

When you send a patrol out, this doesn't interfere with your regular gameplay. You can participate in any type of battle thanks to Riftforge's Rift.

More importantly, patrols help Riftforge Operations command to map out the frozen continent of Manirak and plan the upcoming Invasion of Icecrest. Read more »

Online RPG Riftforge's troops: Charger
Red Impaler, the highest level
of Charger veterancy

Riftforge Operations Command is giving away a ton of gold, so come and join the Playtest!

When it comes to the gold, you must check our new tutorial system. It pays a total of 6,000 gold for completing the four tutorial missions.

Basic tutorial - 1500 gold
In this first tutorial, the forces of evil are manifested in some old barrels that the Riftforge quartermaster has decided to part with. Carpenters have been hired to make a few target dummies as well. Read more »

Guardian Commander
Commander Shabaka
Guardian battalion commander


So what's assassination mode? If you are in the playtest, you know the current battle mode is called elimination.

You have to eliminate all enemy units in order to win.

We have just introduced several changes to spice up the battles.

First off, we have a new scoring system that is more flexible than the previous rules for elimination.

Winning Butcher Bay, for example, now requires only 400 points (4 kills), instead of the previous 6 kills.

This means games are quicker, and hopefully, there will be less surrenders! Read more »

Charger Commander
Commander Cruz
Charger battalion commander

With over 50 skills, Riftforge offers a unique RPG experience.

Fans of MMORPGs will quickly recognize most skill effects.

Pen-and-paper roleplayers will soon find that classic D&D effects like entangled or asleep have been preserved in their original form, even if the names are a bit different.

Without further ado, the 30+ skill effects that add tactical depth to Riftforge's gameplay.

Direct damage and DOTs

Direct damage effects are part of many skills, even some that could be considered pure Utility - like the Charger's Reveal.

Remember that each type of damage can be reduced significantly by adding armor (physical damage) or resistance (elemental damage). Read more »

Raider Commander
Commander Izumi to welcome newcomers

On behalf of the whole Riftforge team (all four and two-thirds of us), we wish you an incredible holiday season.

One reason WHY you might find this particular season incredible is that Riftforge Playtest is now OPEN!

Come join us at our Playtest server by typing "ROME" in the passcode field.

Hurry up! Only a few hundred "Romes" will be admitted to the Playtest before the code expires.

There are no tutorials, no cut scenes, and certainly no hand-holding. Expect to lose your first games to players, who have played two or three battles more than you.

You will get your revenge at level 3, when you first get access to a "max army", i.e. an army of red veterans with all skills and equipment upgraded to the max! Read more »

Guardian Commander
Guardian battalion commander

The question we hear most often is: "What takes you so long, why haven't you released the game already?"

Truth be told, the question asked most often is "where is the play button?". We assume it's the short version of the above.

So first of all, we'd like to THANK YOU for your patience. Your continuing support and your desire to play the game has been a major driving force to keep us developing and polishing the game day in, day out!

Which leads us to something we have learned about ourselves in the process. Quite simply, we cannot release an alpha version. There are some teams (e.g. Notch from Minecraft), who are comfortable releasing an alpha. They get feedback, they add features, they squash bugs and so on... for the next two years.

We are not perfectionists but we certainly feel very uncomfortable to present to you something half-baked. So here's a list of the major improvements accomplished during the last year, starting from some of the most obvious to the least: Read more »