Captain Galheen :Online RPG
Captain Galheen, Ranger Training

Usually described as glass cannons, the Rangers sacrifice speed and armor protection for more firepower.

Being a Ranger requires a deep understanding of your enemies. Anticipating enemy movements allows you to set up deadly ambushes or saturate choke points with fire.

Ranger core unit skill

All Rangers are deadly marksmen who love nothing more than setting up a perfect ambush: one with plenty of enfilade or cross fire.

Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow

- Inflicts fire damage to a single enemy


- Increases rate of fire

Captain Singore: Riftforge online
Captain Singore, Raider Training

The first to engage the enemy, the Raiders excel in breaking enemy formations by a combining camouflage, lightning attacks, and feigned retreats.

As a Raider, your role is versatile: from a light scout and stalker to pursuer and finisher. Your advantages are speed, stealth, and burst damage. Finishing off a weakened enemy is definitely one of the Raiders' favorite tasks.

Raider core unit skill

The Raider core units specialize in hit-and-run tactics. The key is to poison and weaken as many enemies as possible.

Poison Strike
Poison Strike

- Poisons an single enemy


- Leaps to a new position

Captain Dassim: Riftforge online
Captain Dassim, Guardian Training

The Guardians represent the vanguard of the Riftforge Operations Command.

Naturally, some of their most powerful skills focus on protection and defense. However, it will be foolish to underestimate the Guardian's damage-dealing abilities.

Guardian core unit skill

A Guardian's principal role is to pin down the main column of the enemy. In addition, they're tasked with saving lightly armored units from being overrun by enemy forces.

Shield Bash
Shield Bash

- Slows down a single enemy unit

Shield Block
Shield Block

- Increases the chance to block incoming attacks

Assassins: Online RPG gameSimilar to most strategy games, the effectiveness of a Riftforge commander is measured by how effectively starting resources are converted to special resources.

The starting resource for each archetype bears a different name but it works out similarly to mana in other RPGs. It starts full and is depleted when skills are used. Read more »

Riftforge Online RPG Playtest

Riftforge is finally fully operational. We are starting to send activation emails to the playtesters who have signed up first!

Although Riftforge is open, it is still being tweaked heavily, so expect that only a limited number of people will get access to our development server (EU only). Once we move to our live US/EU servers, you can expect thousands more to join us.

Playtest objectives

Riftforge playtest objectives are two and we expect your feedback on both:

  • Collect balancing data on Guardians, Raiders, and Rangers
  • Improve the interface and overall interaction with the game
Riftstalker: Online RPG
Riftstalker Bonedemon and minion

The vast majority of known Riftstalkers are extremely aggressive psychopomps.

OK, what’s a Psychopomps?

Psychopomp means “soul conductor”. Among its many powers is the ability to search for lost souls, find them and guide them home. Not all psychopomps are benevolent and Riftstalkers definitely fall into this second, extremely-dangerous variety.

Riftforge is a unique structure that creates a temporary path between dimensions. The path goes through the barren space that exists between the dimensions.

In true Lovecraftian tradition, ancient cosmic horrors lie in this space. Passing through it, Riftforge commanders can surprise the numerically-superior indigenous Manirak forces. The downside is that Riftstalkers lurk in this no man’s land, looking for passing souls. Read more »