Riftstalker: Online RPG
Riftstalker Bonedemon and minion

The vast majority of known Riftstalkers are extremely aggressive psychopomps.

OK, what’s a Psychopomps?

Psychopomp means “soul conductor”. Among its many powers is the ability to search for lost souls, find them and guide them home. Not all psychopomps are benevolent and Riftstalkers definitely fall into this second, extremely-dangerous variety.

Riftforge is a unique structure that creates a temporary path between dimensions. The path goes through the barren space that exists between the dimensions.

In true Lovecraftian tradition, ancient cosmic horrors lie in this space. Passing through it, Riftforge commanders can surprise the numerically-superior indigenous Manirak forces. The downside is that Riftstalkers lurk in this no man’s land, looking for passing souls. Read more »

Elite Troops: Online RPG
New Elite troops in the Playtest

Below you'll find answers to the most common questions we receive. Basically, it's the what, the why, the when, and the how of the getting into Riftforge.

What's in the Playtest

You’ll be able to play with all three archetypes: Guardians, Raiders, and Rangers. Each archetype will come with its commander as well as core and special troops. As you win battles and earn gold, you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment, skills, and troops (see elite troops).

With your commander and troops, you will engage other players in one-versus-one battlegrounds. There are ranked battles as well as practice battles. Your objective is to climb the ranks by defeating increasingly more skilled opponents. Read more »

Rift Isle: Online RPG game
Sea caves on Rift Isle

The defense of Rift Isle has put extra demands on Riftforge’s stretched forces.

From Mistral Isle in the west to Corsair Isle in the east, the Icecrest map has been dotted with skirmishes proving that rookie commanders and the recruits at their disposal are insufficiently trained to carry out even the simplest missions.

Riftforge military has been reformed and the council of the three branches (Guardians, Raiders, Rangers) has been superseded by a centralized operations command, abbreviated to ROCom. Read more »

We learn by playing. In theory, playing a mad warlock who stealthily backstabs his victims, clad in a mithril platmail sounds the coolest class in any RPG. However, switching GOD mode on in any singleplayer game has proven to quickly diminish its appeal.

Meaningful RPG classes have strengths and weaknesses, which enhance gameplay and require the players’ cooperation. Read more »

Flying Eighty-Eights: Riftforge online
The Flying Eighty-Eights,
Elite Ranger Detachment

The first couple of ballistae have been captured, dismantled, and hauled all the way from a forward Caldarian outpost.

Once Ranger command got word of it, they immediately requisitioned them to include a ballista-training course in the Rangers’ curriculum at Mistral Isle.

Taking full advantage of the increased range and armor penetration of the ballistae, the first operational battalion distinguished itself again and again. They earned their nickname during the defensive operations in grid 88, Riftforge’s home turf. Read more »

Rift Isle

Rift Isle: Online RPG game
Sea caves on Rift Isle

Rift Isle is located in the south most portion of Warzone Icecrest (grid 88), surrounded by treacherous ice floes.

New commanders are first sent to undergo training in one of the three training camps. Each camp is situated on an island controlled by Riftforge forces.

Mistral Isle

Named after the chilling northwest wind, the isle serves as a base of operations for commanders in the West. Sixth Shock Regiment has been dislocated to the isle in an effort to minimize casualties sustained by the Ranger Survival School.

An often overlooked fact is that a significant portion of ranger casualties result from the minefields covering the island, the very minefields laid by Sixth Regiment in order to protect the training camp. Read more »